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The Silkroad Collection
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 The Silkroad Collection
Type: Handelaar
Description: Are you looking for original interior decorations, which meet your taste and ideas about international living? You don’t want an interior of which there are thirteen in a dozen? You want an interior that is exclusive, but at the same time meets your living requirements and radiates coziness and warmth? Then you are at the right address with The Silk Road Collection. The Silk Road Collection is a collection of antique, authentic and new decorations and furniture, each of which were chosen for their warm and worldly ambiance.

The fascinating part of our collection is that it can suit any style of interior – modern or classic. The visual effect is surprising and inviting.

With taste, passion and enthusiasm we help you to create a inspiring and exclusive interior, to which you come home with a lot of pleasure.
Adres: Merksemsebaan 270, Z.I. Venhof
Gemeente: Wijnegem
Postcode: 2110
Regio: Antwerpen
Fax.: +32 (0)3 2930041

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